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X Contract - "In The Mist"

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Artist Bio:

X Contract was formed in 2007, and released their first album in april, 2012. They’ve received several online awards, and they’re continuously getting a bigger fan base, and getting more attention worldwide.

After the release of ”Dearest Dream” in april 2012, X Contract immediately started working on their second album, Territory:Hours.

Territory Hours is very different from Dearest Dream.It's a progressive rock album, with slow build-ups, truly coming from a band with sparks!

The entire album is filled with surprising twists as well as beautiful harmonies and epic, well-constructed culminations to 12 great tracks!

Preparations for their live tour are well on their way, and the album will be available both live and in the stores from august, 2013

About The Video:

"In The Mist" is the first single from X Contract's new album. In this unpredictable music video, they strike again. With a well written song, and beautifully directed video, they kick off "Territory:Hours" with a bang!

About The Video:


Produced by: Reptilia Productions
Written, directed and filmed by: William Findinge
Featuring: Rikke Præstmark Lauridsen & Ole Ellersgaard Nielsen
Production led by: Thomas Olesen
Assistents to productions: Dennis Pedersen & Lars Klit
Makeup: Kristine Terkelsen Bischoff
Catering: Aleks Nicolai Mikkelsen
Special thanks to: Nanna Rahbek Madsen & Morten Søgaard
Director Name: William Findinge
Producer Name: Thomas Olesen

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