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Caricature - "A Long Term Illness"

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Caricature - "A Long Term Illness"

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About The Video:

We shot it in the basement of an old warehouse in Somerville, MA. Had a fair idea of what I wanted for the video with a bunch of hanging lights not only because it looks a bit grim with the creepy basement, but the color of the lights also help with the overall look of the video. The Edison bulbs were vital so Woke up at 6 in the morning and hit Home Depot. Bought a bunch of lights and wiring supplies and Dave and I went to town on cutting and wiring, but had to clean the place first. Random debris everywhere. The rest of the band got there and helped out with the wiring. Our buddy Shane came and ran the camera for me and I directed the thing. Another good friend, Derek from the band Lattermath helped behind the scenes too. Awesome dudes. What you cant see is that I had to start the playback everytime, so I kept walking in and out of the frames while we shot. Overall from start to finish it took Dave and I 22 hours to build, film, then break it down. Rock n roll.

Band Bio:

Since the band's 2004 Inception, Caricature have been clawing tooth and nail through the music scene, striving to craft a sound that is as diverse as it is pallatable to even the most casual of music listener. The band was originally formed by multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Joseph Spiller [System Divide, The Binary Code, Too Late The Hero] in Red Bank, NJ as an outlet to create music without boundaries, and that focus remains intact with an all new line up in 2013. It's also worth noting that over the years, Caricature has had an impressive list of members come through its ranks that include such names as John Longstreth [Origin, Gorguts, Dying Fetus, The Red Chord, ect], Gavin Parsons [Whitechapel], Mike Heller [Fear Factory, Malignancy], and Shawn Eldridge [Funebrarum, Disma].

In 2007, after a long string of successful shows, a demo, and 2 EPs, Joseph Spiller put the band on hiatus following the death of his grandfather, which resulted in a move back to his homestate of Maine to help out his sole remaining relative, his grandmother. It would be over 2 years before Caricature would re-emerge in Allston, MA to start work on something more personal than the band had ever done. As to where lyrical content of the band had always been a tongue in cheek social commentary, Spiller decided that it was time to let others in on the turbulent life he had been living.

The end result is "The Sound Of One Man's World Collapsing." A personal introspective that focuses on... the end. From the very first line of "Monuments" in which Spiller screams "Behold the second coming of nothing," to the final chorus of the albums closing track ('Crimson'), "I should have followed you to the end," it's clear that Caricature came ready to put everything on the table. That mindset is not limited only to the wide array of vocal styles exhibited by Spiller, as the instrumentation crafted by Spiller is extremely lush and vibrant. Pianos, 8 String guitars, synths, rich ambient passages and textures are accompanied by blazing solos played by 2nd guitarist Dave Cohen, Spiller and a guest solo by Greg Macklin [Ordinance, Jeff Loomis Band] and the jaw dropping drum performance of Brett Boland [Astronoid, Hetfield & Hetfield]. The 54 minutes of Caricature's 11 track debut full length, "The Sound of One Man's World Collapsing," brings an intensity and honesty that has been near completely devoid in the world of heavy music. Focusing on the end is just the beginning...

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